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Connect to your Soul Voice

Thank you for visiting my website and your interest in my services. I offer intuitive readings, energy healing, and spiritual coaching focused on enhancing your life's journey. 

Each customer receives a free 15-minute telephone consultation to ensure that I am the best fit for your spiritual goals. 

Spirit Rock Reading

Receive healing energy in spirit rock readings with messages from your spiritual team, tune into your intuitive soul voice. In many cases spirit guides and/or angels come into these sessions to offer guidance.  

Why spirit rocks? To connect you with the energy and vibration of Gaia and unite you with your higher self. The word placed on each rock carries this energy, representing an area of your life to heal, solve problems, and offer insights.

Medium Reading

I channel messages from the spirit world including friends or family who have traveled to the spirit realm. I interact with souls through sensory communication; hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, and in some cases tasting the flavor of a favorite food. Each soul communicates in a way that is best received for the individual getting a reading. My goal is to offer peace, understanding, and in some cases closure.  

Energy Clearing

I offer a combined approach in a healing session that includes one or more of the following methods: Akashic Records, essential oils, sound, energetic clearing with color, light, crystals, elemental energy. Individually personalized sessions focus on a specific part of your life such as healing through grief or loss, release past trauma, or living in the present moment. In many cases spirit guides and/or angels come into these sessions to offer guidance.   

Emotional Releasement

Emotional Releasement Coaching – Let go of old emotions that are no longer serving you. Receive the tools and resources to manage emotions, relieve stress, improve communication skills, enhance relationships, and emotional intelligence. $750.00 6 one-hour sessions, tools and resources included.

Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing Coaching – Receive insight into aspects of the physical body and subtle bodies. Establish energetic boundaries, learn grounding techniques to clear and increase your energy. A holistic approach to understanding your energy and creating steps to enhance spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energies.  $875.00 7 one-hour sessions, tools and resources included.

7 Steps to find your Soul Voice

The 7 Steps to finding your Soul Voice Coaching – Tap into your own intuitive gifts, align with your higher self. Take steps outlined to finding your soul voice by identifying your personal gifts and clearing energetic blocks to put your talents into action giving your life deeper purpose. $1,125.00 9 one-hour sessions including tools & resources.

What clients are saying

Stefanie's Akashic Record reading was absolutely mind blowing! She answered so many questions I had never thought to ask any one. Her reading was a profound and awe inspiring experience like I had never had before. This reading opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities. My heart is wide open with excitement!  

Stefanie delivered such a beautiful, profound and empowering Akashic Record Reading. She created a safe and protective space for me. The Reading gave me insight and understanding into my long standing relationships. I am in awe and full of gratitude. 

Thank you for sharing your brilliant light.

Colleen A.


Reading Prices


Find the best fit for you. Please contact me for group event pricing.

Reading/Healing Sessions



30-minute session

Reading/Healing Sessions



60-minute session

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